Please bring your insurance card and a photo ID at each visit. If another healthcare provider has suggested a consultation, please ensure they have sent us a written request by the time you arrive for your first appointment. Depending on your insurance, this request may be sent to us through your insurance company.

If you are not on one of the health insurance plans accepted by our office you are still welcome to make an appointment, but we ask that you pay at the time of the visit. Please check with our receptionist, who will put you in touch with our billing office for further information if necessary. Patients from out of state or other countries are expected to pay at the time of their visit. We will provide a receipt that may be submitted to your insurance provider who can assist you with the reimbursement process according to your insurance plan. If you are unclear whether your visit will be covered, calling the telephone number on the back of your insurance card may clarify your questions.

To help us best meet your healthcare needs, we recommend that you write down any issues important to you before your visit. It will help us assist you in prioritizing your issues and deciding how many we can cover during your visit.

A co-payment is the portion of your healthcare visit fee that you are responsible for paying at the time of check-in. This amount is determined by your insurance company. The co-payment is a portion of the cost for your office visit. Please check the front of your insurance card. It may be necessary to call your insurance company for more information.

We are pleased to offer free, above ground parking for your convenience.